Hernan Chousa,
Senior Contributor

He lives in Buenos Aires and runs a global zinc flake coating business as Chousa SRL's CEO.

He is a former professional tennis player, bilingual, and shares his experiences in youth sports parenting through books, talks, and online courses in English and Spanish.

He published My Son the Tennis Player, How to Help Your Kid Succeed in Sports.

Most recently Chousa published Parent Shift, The Skills You Need to Become a Super Parent which he says is “a process that never ends because I am still learning; my kids teach me every day. Do you have the feeling of coming up short as a parent? Don't worry; you are not alone. It happens to me all the time, and we can fix it together. A tool with more than twenty skills to develop is now available. There are no shortcuts. You have to work on yourself, not on your child. You, becoming a super parent, once mastered your parenting skills.”

He also wrote Unplugged, A Rock Story, his first novel, where he could fuse two passions: music and writing.

He is married to Mariana and has two sons: Julian and Sebastian.

CLICK LINK: Parent Shift, The Skills You Need to Become a Super Parent


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