Graham Dudley,
Senior Contributor

With over two decades in coaching football (soccer) in the UK and Australia at community, development and sub-elite levels and roles as Technical Director for clubs in Victoria, Graham is a self-confessed development coach with an eye for talent and player weakness for development both technically and tactically.

In 2010 Graham collided his passions of sport, data, technology and well-being together by forming the foundation of what has become Global Wellness Tracking, a business dedicated to valid, consistent and reliable assessment of human performance at scale. His experiences has allowed him to circumnavigate the globe performing quality assured testing on athletes in numerous sports including the NFL Oceanic Draft in Fiji, Samoa, New Zealand and Australia plus projects in functional movement, sport specificity and fitness in India and Europe too.

When it comes to advice and expertise in interpreting data, protocols and the science of exercise physiology Graham has considerable experience including the creation of GPTQA (Global Performance Testing Quality Assurance), a training and quality guarantee solution to support talent scouts, coaches, teachers, federations and clubs in determining a players limitations, capabilities and development needs objectively and reliably.

Graham has successfully coached teams to success in community and state championships in the UK and Australia and assisted the creation and development of new clubs and leagues specific to female football. Additionally, Graham’s daughter played football in Australia to NPLW level and was a student in the Birmingham City Ladies WSL academy in the UK for many years so is empathetic to the journey of a player, coach and parent through the process. Graham has also successfully sent athletes from Australia to the US, UK and Europe on scholarships so is familiar with the needs of scouting and communications for talent identification, draft combines and data analytics.

“Human performance should not be focused on the elite only, the journey to becoming elite is filled with obstacles like injury, mindfulness, education and now data as the world heads closer to telehealth and virtual training so I want to support any coaches and players of any sport within the SportsEDTV network around facts and systems to ensure they stay safe, on track and achieve their goals.”

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