Geoffrey Kimani,
Senior Contributor

Geoffrey Kimani is the National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOC-K) Strength and Conditioning lead consultant for Team Kenya, with the main assignment being the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Kimani is also be tasked with training national team coaches who have their teams already qualified for the Olympics. Kimani’s position is part of the strategic objective of NOC-K under the Elite Athlete Development program.

Previously Kimani:

Was Strength And Conditioning Coach for the Kenya Rugby Union; Strength and Conditioning Coach for Kenya Rugby Sevens; Strength and Conditioning Coach of Uganda Rugby Sevens; Speed Coach of Mathare Youth Sports Association’s Mathare United Soccer team.

Currently, Kimani assists in the development of curriculum development in Strength and Conditioning. He works with specific national coaches interested in this field, under the National Federations, to nurture upcoming coaches through workshops and training with an eye towards increasing the Strength and Conditioning talent pool in the country.

He is also tasked with laying the foundation for the preparation of Team Kenya’s squads for the 2021 Commonwealth Youth Games and the 2022 Youth Olympics in Dakar.