Dr. Kimberley Linert,
Senior Contributor

Dr. Kimberley Linert is a pioneering doctor in Behavioral Optometry, founder of Optic Brainfit Foundation, a world-class therapy that combines traditional vision therapy with brain and movement therapy for life changing results. Her unique teachings have reached CEO/C-Suite Executives to Elite Athletes, high achievers looking for the leading edge; to youth, people with special needs/learning difficulties to brain injury survivors to the elderly.

Kimberley is the creator/host of the internationally acclaimed, Incredible Life Creator Podcast. For 30 years, she has been the leading voice in what it means to live and lead an ‘incredible life’ personally & professionally. The depth & breadth of her interviews have helped us to explore & navigate our world through the eyes of change agents, rabble-rousers, luminaries, big thinkers, instigators, peacemakers, influencers, inventors, & influential personal development visionaries, Dr. Linert goes beyond reporting on change–to CREATING it! Given her extensive training as a doctor coupled with 3 decades of personal & professional development training she shares practical insights for igniting a healthier, more prosperous society & a better life, i.e. an Incredible life!

People are multi-faceted & Dr. Linert’s extensive education/experience has allowed her to help thousands of people. One of the many area’s Dr. Linert specializes is Pediatrics (Children). Grounded in this degree of expertise enables her to truly understand the nuances of the human condition to an integral level, from the cradle to the grave.

She looks at the whole person to assess the different areas of their life to find out what is blocking them from reaching their ultimate performance – some liken her to being a ‘mind-body-soul whisperer’. Dr. Linert decided to establish her own professional international keynote speaking practice and is a sought after guest speaker expert. She is the creator of ‘Incredible Life Creator’ proprietary education:- ‘The Incredible Life Creator Method’ which provides life transforming integrative teachings modelled off 3 decades of applied practice.


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