Dr. Greta Anderson,
Senior Contributor

For more than 25 years, Dr. Greta Anderson has been focused on the study of education and learning processes among learners in the classroom and athletic environments. Having earned a Ph.D. in Higher Education Research from The University of Michigan (1999), Dr. Greta serves as an instructor and coach rooted in a skillset focused on learning outcomes, implementing measurable strategies for development, goal setting, and furthering the skills needed to attain success.

As one of only a relative handful of African American women to have earned Class A status as a golf teaching professional, Dr. Greta is a proud and active member of the Ladies’ Professional Golf Association (LPGA). She is one of the golf industry’s most passionate advocates for the growth and diversification of golf, particularly among women. Having made the conscious decision to become a change agent in that regard, Dr. Greta’s commitment to increasing female engagement in the game of golf is reflected in her industry involvement. To that end, the leadership roles she has assumed within the LPGA are significant:

  • Chair - LPGA Master Professional Committee
  • Instructor & Evaluator - LPGA Global Education Team
  • Owner - LPGA Amateur Association, Pitchmark Academy chapter (Atlanta, GA)
  • Site Co-Director - LPGA*USGA Girls Golf @ SheSTEAMS of Henry County, GA
  • National Instructor - LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Leadership Academy

As a result of Dr. Greta’s experience, knowledge and focus, she is recognized as a

thought-leader within industry arenas. From her frequent guest appearances on podcasts and blogs focused on education, mental focus, and coaching to serving as a sponsored guest and roundtable speaker at events focused on industry growth, Dr. Greta is committed to formulating and creating positive insights within golf. Other industry leadership roles held by Dr. Greta include:

  • Contributor - Magazine
  • Expert Contributor -
  • Titleist - Diversity Program Ambassador
  • Expert Coach - The Birdie Spot
  • Member - National Golf Foundation
  • Positive Coaching Alliance - Certified Double-Goal Coach
  • U.S. Kids Certified Coach

Interestingly, Dr. Greta has had a successful tenure as a business owner both inside and outside the golf industry. With more than two decades of experience as a highly successful serial entrepreneur, she has expertly built and managed her conglomeration of small businesses for nearly 15 years now, single-handedly generating nearly $12 million in revenue in the last decade alone. Dr. Greta has collaborated on numerous projects focused on nano-businesses and released her book, The NanoConglomerate™: Proven Strategies for Creating Your Own Profitable & Scalable Startup Business Enterprise.

Dr. Greta’s extensive experience as a business owner and builder has intersected with her involvement with her leadership industry-level golf education in several ways. For example, she served as a National Board Member of the Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA) during the merger from which the LPGA Amateur Association (2017-18) emerged. Likewise, Dr. Greta played an integral role in the most recent edition of the educational materials for the LPGA’s renowned Teacher Education Program. Specifically, she was commissioned by LPGA leadership to author and serve as a featured lecturer for several components of written and online materials, including “The Business of Golf” modules.

Through her Atlanta-based instruction practice, Dr. Greta Golf, provides golf education, instruction, consultation, and coaching in a welcoming environment to players of all levels. From clinics to private lessons to custom packages, Dr. Greta focuses on helping every golfer learn and grow, no matter the circumstances. As a global tour operator and proud International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) member, the Dr. Greta Golf team also builds and creates unique global golf travel experiences for adventurous travelers looking to explore the world as part of their golf journey. As part of this, Dr. Greta serves as a golf education partner to resorts and travel experts around the world and has hosted teaching programs throughout the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and beyond.

In her spare time, Dr. Greta enjoys participating in kettlebell workouts, reading, traveling, playing golf with good friends and family, and enjoying live music.