Deuce Larmond,
Senior Contributor

Born and raised in the corporately and culturally diverse Miami, Florida, he sharpened his sales skills as “Deuce” to many Fortune 500 Companies. He’s closed deals for Pepsi, UPS, Enterprise Car Rental, Ralph Lauren and Nestle’ USA.

Deuce attended Bethune Cookman University where he excelled in all fields including athletics. As captain of the Men’s Basketball Team Deuce lead his university to several successful seasons. After graduating in 2005, Deuce created the first of many business ventures GoGetterNation: The connector of partnerships, projects, & funding for young CEO entrepreneurs.

Deuce is excited to announce his developing skill as an author with HyperDrivenLife, the first of a series of e-book innovations to come. Mastering the art of Global and Social Commerce, Deuce leads GoGetterNation with break through energy consulting projects in Africa, including bringing clean water and affordable agricultural to the continent.

His passions as a coach for fitness and health and education tourism led to the expansion of GoGetterNation-Africa: Sports Entertainment and Media in 2017 in West Africa.

Just one session with Deuce will make anyone want to push the pedal of success and reach deeper to engage the inner champion within us all!