David Miller,
Senior Contributor

Coach David Miller wears several hats. He trains the general population to exercise regularly and safely. As a coach, he motivates elite level athletes to reach peak performance.

Currently, Coach Miller is beginning his third season as strength coach for the University of Houston's track & field team.

His 36 years of experience in the Olympic sport of weightlifting include time as a competitive athlete, an international lecturer, a certification instructor, an international referee, and head coach and former CrossFit gym owner. David has produced multiple state, national, and international weightlifters.

He is an active member of National Strength and Conditioning Association and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. He participates in the NSCA’s Weightlifting Special Interest Group, Collegiate Coaches, and Long Term Athletic Development groups.

Coach Miller contributes to SportsEdTV as an expert for both the sport of weightlifting and the general field of strength and conditioning for improved sports performance.