David Balbi,
Senior Contributor

David Balbi, PGA, is a Life member PGA of America and teaches out of an indoor, high-tech studio in San Carlos, California. David was the 1999 PGA Teacher of the Year for Northern California.

David was the first PGA instructor to utilize 3-D motion analysis equipment to accurately measure the golf swings of hundreds of Tour players. Over the past 26 years, David has measured and analyzed thousands of golf swings for amateurs and pros alike.

David was also a pioneer in the field of digital video analysis and has used Dartfish digital video for 20 years (Dartfish is used by thousands of Olympic athletes in multiple sports to analyze and improve their performance).

The new paradigm in game improvement uses science and technology together with advances in brain science and learning methodologies to improve understanding of the swing and to show you how to improve.

The cornerstone of David’s teaching philosophy is an accurate diagnosis, without which, no improvement is possible.

David is available for in-person and online training. If you are geographically distant from the studio, you can send in a video of your swing using CoachNow, GolfCoachApp, or simply your smartphone camera.