Daniele Battocchio,
Senior Contributor

Daniele Battocchio is a Federation of Italian Volleyball (FIPAV) Level 1 Coach at Pilisportiva in Italy. He is an SFERA advocate, Coaching, led by Giuseppe Vercelli developer of the SFERA method.

S.F.E.R.A. is an acronym containing the 5 factors responsible for the performance: Synchrony, Skills (Punti di Forza), Energy, Rhythm and Activation). Peak performance results from the balance of these 5 factors.

As an SFERA Coach, Battocchio will be analyzing and identifying factors responsible for the performance, then with players, launch a path of performance optimization, acting on affected factors.

Prior to working as a coach in Rovigo, Battocchio coached in Este (Padua), the second coach representing the province.

Battocchio is a biologist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Science and a Master’s Degree in Applied Ecology.