Daniel Teixeira,
Senior Contributor


Dr. Daniel Teixeira is one of the top scholars of physical education, sports sciences and education in Brazil. He has worked with UNESCO bringing sports as a tool of social integration and development. Dr. Teixeira, supported by UNICEF and UNESCO built a sports center at PUC (Pontifical Catholic University) Minas, serving thousands of children from Brazil slums where they played, studied and received social assistance.

PUC Minas is the largest Catholic university in the world and has six times recently been accorded “Best Private University” by the National Scientific Accreditation program for higher education, physical education and sports programs. Significantly, Dr. Teixeira’s tenure at PUC Minas had much influence on those recognitions.

At PUC Minas Dr. Teixeira:

Coordinated the sports complex, undergraduate and bachelor courses in PE, special post graduate courses in Sport Management, National Football Coaches courses and the Crianca Esperanca Project; serves as member of Implementation Committee of the Department of Physical Education and head of the EF department.

Further, Dr. Teixeira is a researcher at the CEDES Network of the Brazilian Ministry of Sport, Professor of Sport Management, Sports Policies and Governance and a member of the Research Ethics Committee of PUC Minas.

He is co-author and collaborator of Sports Management for the XXI Century.