Dan Frost,
Senior Contributor

Dan Frost is one of the world's leading golf coaches. He has designed a unique coaching philosophy that has evolved from a lifetime of researching elite-level performance.

He is the developer of Sure Golf, a collection of his training inventions.

His philosophy is about building effective skills and mindsets to grow the golfer and focus on how they think, feel, act, and move, what Dan Frost calls the four pillars of performance.

Frost dedicated much of his life to discovering the why and how of golf, resulting in his acceptance as an expert in many fields across the spectrum of performance, from kinematics and kinetics to ball flight data, human behavior, and neuroscience.

Dan has shared his insights with diverse players, ranging from ambitious amateurs to elite professionals. Notably, he has mentored figures like Ladies British Open Champion Georgia Hall and PGA Tour Player Ben Taylor, amongst many others.

In addition to his coaching stints, Dan has been involved in broader roles. He's worked with international teams and contributed to the successes at Walker Cups. His proudest engagement may have been with The British Army Elite golf squad, a testament to his versatility in the sport garnering appreciation from the advisor to the Queen, The General Chief Of Staff.

Beyond the green, Dan has showcased his inventive entrepreneurial streak by creating The Sure-Set, one of the biggest-selling training aids of all time, then expanded to a collection under the Sure-Golf Brand. His expertise also led him to collaborate with NBC's The Golf Channel, where he shared his knowledge on shows like Revolution Golf and Golf Pass.

Sure-Golf provides training for your golf skills and mindsets, including his award-winning inventions, Sure-Set, the Sure-Speed, and the Sure-Chip.

In addition to coaching junior players and adult amateur golfers across the skill spectrum, Dan has coached PGA Tour, European Tour, Korn Ferry Tour players, Walker Cup team members, British and English Amateur Champions, and NCAA Division 1 Champions.