Craig Brotman,
Senior Contributor

At thirteen, Craig Brotman entered the world of racquet stringing and customization which started with a pivotal moment: His father's reward of gut strings for his racquet frames after Craig reached a significant tennis achievement.

However, a dispute during stringing led to a showdown, during which Craig's way prevailed.

Empowered, Craig delved into the intricacies of stringing, mastering details with a stringing machine gifted by his father. Starting with personal frames, he quickly transitioned to a role at a local tennis shop, where tennis icon “The Wizard of Boz” Warren Bosworth, renowned for his stringing racquets of great champions, mentored Craig.

After high school, Craig seized the opportunity to immerse in the world of tennis at Nick Bollettieri's Tennis Academy, where he mixed with future stars and expanded his network in the tennis community. That network paved the way for his entry into professional stringing, where Craig grew and built a reputation for precision and reliability.

Today, Craig Brotman’s passion for racquet customization fuels a thriving business, where each stringing session is evidence of Craig's excellence and commitment to serving the tennis community.

Craig has been the official stringer for the US Open, Masters Cup, Sony Ericsson in Miami, NCAAs, Orange Bowl, Eddie Herr Championship, Super National Clay Courts, and many ITFs, ITAs, and USTA National events.

Craig founded Brotman Racquet Design and he's currently working with 10 NCAA college teams customizing the players' racquets and equipment.