Connie R. Charles,
Senior Contributor

Connie has worked with top executives from Fortune 100 companies, privately held businesses and individual professionals. Using behavioral data as a guide, she delivers strategies for improving both personal and team performance fast. Throughout her career she has served as an executive consultant and coach for many who have risen through the ranks to some of the highest positions in their companies.

Connie has pioneered the development of a virtual coaching tool called imapMyTeam®. This interactive site connects people on a team with practical information about themselves and how to work with diverse personalities. Teams, whether they be business or sports, now have a fast, easy to use tool that will take their members to the next level of performance. Paired with the experiential learning workshop, The Team Tee Off, (conducted on a golf course), this methodology has been instrumental in helping individual players learn to collaborate with their partners in order to win.

More recently Connie introduced a direct to consumer site called iMapMyLife. This online environment provides a low-cost solution for people seeking personalized coaching on their performance. In 2018/19 it was deployed to over 2,000 high school students as well as over 600 young professionals. The analytics produced by these projects are being used to better match students to career pathways as well as provide insights to corporations on how to create a productive work environment.

Well-known for her speaking and facilitation skills, she has been invited to lead seminars for boards, conferences and executive teams on such topics as Taking Strategy to Action, The Master Coach, Leadership for Turbulent Times and Managing to Hidden Needs. Connie has spoken to audiences all over the United States and in Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. Connie’s first book, The Magic of the Method, has become a valued tool for many coaches and executives looking to achieve more personally and professionally. Her second book, Back On Course, is a guide to using golf as a business tool.

When not on the road, Connie lives in Pennsylvania with her husband Walt. Free time is spent on more airplanes travelling to the wine regions of the world. In addition to cooking fine meals to go with the wine, the other delights in her life include skiing, sailing, golf and tennis and enjoying them with as many of her nieces and nephews as possible.

You can contact Connie directly on website or at email address