Charis Nawrocki,
Senior Contributor

Charis Nawrocki is certified as a Firstline Therapy lifestyle educator and health coach, durability strength coach, 3-Time National Athlete, 2008Jefferson Award Nominee, 3rd Rank Jujitsu Brown Belt, Wishgarden herbs ambassador, and philanthropist, providing healthful lifestyle assistance corporately and privately.

Once a functional medicine administrator and health coach for Columbus Obstetricians-Gynecologists, Inc., she’s currently the corporate health and lifestyle educator and staging consultant for a privately owned management company, marketing events for therapeutic massage of wellness clinic EQUIVITA.

Her women's outreach Facebook group ‘BUILD A TRIBE’ assists females in the community with the support of Wishgarden Herbs, Columbus Obstetricians-Gynecologists, Inc., EQUIVITA, and Yoga Well-Being.

Charis grew up in California, and at age 10 began working in the entertainment industry as a professional competitive dancer and eventually as choreographer for stage, television, film and amusement parks. She earned three National Competitive statuses with Dance Masters of America.

After years working and competing in entertainment, she switched gears for another passion - weight-lifting - which led her to powerlifting. In 2000 she became an APF national level powerlifter and first USA female novice ever to take title of ‘Best Lifter Overall,” landing her in the Top 20 USA Women Lifters for the year 2000. She relocated to Ohio to work on The Arnold Sports Festival and create her health and wellness business, MY 2 SENSE.

Charis then decided to take her defined, strong physique into competitive figure and fitness world and in 2002 she became a national level figure competitor with the National Physique Committee (NPC) in both the ‘Open’ and ‘Masters’ categories. Charis was the first national level powerlifter to cross over into national level figure competition, as female powerlifters with titles regularly cross over into competitive bodybuilding.

In 2017, Charis was inspired to share her knowledge, experience, and resources at the beginning of the wave of Functional Medicine, as well as cross over professionally into Western Medicine. She assists in creating patient care, promoting health, and longevity.

Charis has health coached and consulted in areas of health concerns such as: diabetes, auto-immune dysfunction, GI issues, cancers, infertility, skin disorders, depression, as well as guiding clients in alignment, mobility function, weight-loss, competitive athletics, and self-defense areas.

Charis has a background in health lifestyle talk radio, sports media, events, and health and safety demonstration symposiums. She has worked with and is educated by Naturopathic, Western, Functional Medicine doctors and Chinese/Korean Medicine practitioners from Los Angeles, Beverly, Hills, Orange County, and from around the world.

She is experienced with many high quality medical food lines, herbal supplements, traditional Chinese tonic herbalism, homeopathy, metaphysical science, Classic Feng Shui, and high integrity hair and skin care beauty products, and home care yet to reach the middle of the nation.

“I live and breathe what I do, joyfully and compassionately. I meet people ‘where they’re at’, and together we gently move forward to where they want to be. Like the sky, options are limitless,” she says.