Brian Lomax,
Senior Contributor

Brian Lomax, M.Ed., is an expert mental performance coach and USPTA Professional who helps tennis players realize their performance potential by focusing on mental skills and frameworks for success. He is also the author of The Mentally Tough Competitor: Mindsets and Perspectives to Achieve Excellence.

As a result of his own personal transformation as a player and coach, Brian founded PerformanceXtra in 2009 with the mission of training athletes on a progression of mental skills that would enhance their overall competitive performances as well as life satisfaction. Over the years, Brian’s clients have included locally, nationally, and internationally ranked junior and adult tennis players, several tennis academies, as well as a number of Division 1 college tennis programs. Furthermore, he has coached tennis at Boston College and Bryant University, helping both programs to NCAA tournament appearances.

In addition to his mental performance coaching, Brian is also the co-host of the Tennis IQ Podcast and is the chairperson of the USPTA New England Sport Psychology Committee.

To learn more about Brian and his services, visit You can also follow him on Twitter at @PerformanceXtra.