Arnaud Muccini,
Senior Contributor

Arnaud Muccini is an international skating coach, an expert in video analysis and performance optimization.

His 17 years of professional experience in France, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, and now in Italy, as an assistant coach or head coach with various missions.

He creates and develops training plans that improve the technical level for individual figure skaters. He trains individual skaters to perfect routines and moves, emphasizing choreography and competition programs.

Muccini spent 2 years as Assistant coach of Véronique Guyon and former coach of World Champion Brian Joubert.

Alexei Mishin, a Russian coach and collaborator calls Muccini “the Dartfish gentleman” describing Muccini’s video analysis expertise built over a dozen years with, among others:

  • Sui Weijing Han Cong (China), Silver medalist at 2018 Winter Olympics, 2016 and 2018 World Champions;
  • Carolina Kostner (Italy), Bronze medalist at 2014 Winter Olympics and 2012 World Champion;
  • Elizaveta Tuktamysheva (Russia), 2015 World Champion and Jin Boyang (China), 2017 World Bronze medalist, Olympian