Ariana Arabtig,
Senior Contributor

Ariana Arabtig’s basketball story is one of triumph, adversity, passion and determination.

She led American high school athletes in blocks and was in the nation’s top ten in rebounding before injuries ended her playing career and disappointed college coaches from University of Miami, Drexel, Colgate and South Florida who vied for her collegiate commitment.

Called a great up and coming female coach by NBA veteran and SportsEdTV Director of Basketball Mark Strickland, Ariana continues to feed her basketball passion by coaching.

She began as a YMCA youth coach, moving to formal coaching in the Miami/Dade County school system, ultimately returning to the scene of her on court outstanding play, Coral Reef Senior High School to coach where today she is head coach of the girls basketball team.

Additionally Ariana coaches AAU Boys Travel Team in the Hoop Dream of America.