Andrea Kushman,
Senior Contributor

Andrea Kushman is a Kinstretch instructor with a passion for improving quality of life through quality of movement. She launched Cultivate Movement in 2019, combining her interest and experience in biomechanics and injury mitigation along with her extensive background in sports medicine to empower her patients to take care of their physical health.

With a robust sports medicine career as an Athletic Trainer, Andrea has had the privilege of working with a wide scope of patients including high school students, Division 1 collegiate teams, Paralympic & Olympic contenders, performance artists, and recreational athletes. As an expert in the field, Andrea has also educated students in Sports Medicine at Lasell College, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Boston University, and Northeastern University.

She’s also worked in various hospital healthcare settings such as Prosthetics, Cardiology, and Surgery in both direct clinical care and leadership positions. As a current Analyst for surgical services at a large healthcare system, she’s studied the rise in volume and costs for joint replacements in the US. She’s also identified service gaps in the U.S. healthcare system for adult recreational athletes, affectionately known as “maturing movers”.

As a lifelong traditional sports athlete, recreational aerialist, and “mature mover” herself, Andrea knew she could use her background and experience to start a comprehensive and interdisciplinary program that would better address this need in the industry. This inspired the launch of Cultivate Movement, offering Kinstretch and Functional Range Systems (FRS) services to help fill that gap.

Andrea believes that everyone, regardless of their age, deserves to feel good and enjoy their movement activities. Today, she provides mobility programs for all athletes, especially underserved mature movers like herself, who are struggling with previous injuries, nagging issues, and mobility restrictions that hinder their quality of movement.

She hopes to decrease the amount of future joint replacement surgeries and their negative life impact by teaching people how to proactively take better care of their joints. She also works with those that have already had joint replacements or joint surgeries, to improve their movement so they can return to the activities they love post-surgery.

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