Analja Van Zyl,
Senior Contributor

Analja is a registered and qualified Kinderkineticist. She earned A Bachelor's degree in Human Movement Sciences, Bachelor of Science honors in Kinderkinetics, and a Master's in Kinderkinetics at Stellenbosch University in 2017.

She worked at Stellenbosch University for 3 years. Thereafter she worked at an NPO in various low-income communities in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Her interest in sports was sparked at a very young age of 8 years old when she competed in South Africa's national athletics competition, thereafter there was no stopping her to compete in most sports and cultural activities. She equally also always had a passion for children, intending to help each child achieve their maximum potential.

Analja's passion for children from lower-income communities, and children with special needs, extended from her passion for working with children to improve any gross motor developmental, or sensory delays.

Her passion has allowed her to participate at conferences Nationally as well as in Australia. As well as recently heading up a practice in Cape Town, South Africa, and working at various schools- doing what she loves!