Alex Hall,
Senior Contributor

Durham University graduate Alex Hall is proprietor of DNA Wellbeing Blueprint a unique personal assessment and prescriptive nutrition program based on individual’s deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)


Alex was very lucky to grow up eating delicious, nutritious food cooked by his Italian mother. Yet it wasn’t until his late teens that he began to really experiment with nutrition and exercise to improve and optimize the human-machine.

After spending 4 years at University learning more about fitness than the Master’s degree in Engineering he was actually completing, he launched his career in the world of nutrition for a health and wellness brand.

After another 3 years of being his own guinea pig and supporting/coaching those around him, he made the leap and qualified as a nutrition coach. A few months later, he took a DNA test and after

experiencing some simple and positive results himself, he realized the impact a truly personalized wellbeing approach could have on leaders and high performers!

To this day Alex coaches high performers across the globe on how to implement their unique DNA Wellbeing Blueprint to optimize energy, performance, and focus!

“Because when it comes to your health , one size does NOT fit all”, he says.