Aaron Reznik,
Senior Contributor

Aaron Reznik is a pickleball and tennis coach, and community leader. He grew up and currently lives in Montclair, New Jersey, where he founded Montclair Pickleball and First Serve Tennis, two academies that have served over 2000 youth and adult players.

Aaron has a deep passion for sharing his knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm with others. He aims to help players grow and develop their skills, mindset, and love for pickleball.

He originally thought tennis would be his main passion but was introduced to pickleball during his freshman year of college when he met and developed a friendship with World No. 1 pickleball player Ben Johns.

He quickly moved from recreational play to tournament competition. His passion for playing and coaching evolved into a vision to grow the sport throughout his local area by branching off from his tennis academy and creating one for pickleball.

Additionally, Aaron has assisted the growth of pickleball on a much larger scale and created a community of players around the country and globally. With the help of his academy partner Matt Slowinski, he created The Pickleball Clinic, the sport's online community for new players and seasoned pros. Their group has over 30,000 members.

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