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SportsEdTV Launches Free Soccer Instruction Content Library

Published: 2020-03-03
SportsEdTV Launches Free Soccer Instruction Content Library
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Miami, Feb 27, 2020 SportsEdTV has launched its first free soccer instruction videos for all ages and levels featuring former Team USA and Chelsea F.C. standout Roy Wegerle, and his team of experienced coaches. The soccer video content represents the company’s sixth sports library, which also includes tennis, golf, weightlifting, basketball, and esports.

SportsEdTV will help people become better soccer players, regardless of age, location, financial situation or access to good local coaching,” said SportsEdTV Director of Soccer, Roy Wegerle.  He added, “This will be a game-changer for people around the world, especially those in developing countries, who can now learn from some of the best coaches and players in soccer for free. This will democratize the learning of soccer and change the game over time, by allowing the best athletes in the world to enter the game and play at the highest levels.”

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and it is an important part of SportsEdTV’s library,” said Chairman & CMO, Robert Mazzucchelli. “Our mission is to bring the best, free, world-class coaching to people who want to improve, and the launch of soccer is a critical continuation of our sport roll-out plan.  No company can be a serious global sports instruction media resource without covering this sport in-depth and with proven talents like Roy and his global group of coaches,” he added.

With the launch of soccer, SportsEdTV continues to fulfill its mission of bringing FREE world-class sports instruction videos in all sports to people across the globe. The company will add volleyball and other sports to its library this year.  SportsEdTV recently launched a community feature on its website, which allows athletes, coaches, and parents to create personal profiles on the site, and to use the community toolkit to organize, save and share content, as well as interact with people around the globe who are passionate about their sport.

About SportsEdTV: provides free, world-class, online video instruction in over thirty sports. Our expert coaches teach technique, strategy, tactics, strength and conditioning, nutrition, mental toughness, and the unique lifestyle complexities of being an athlete to competitors and sport participants at all levels, from beginner through professional.  Everyone can improve by watching our videos. Our “tips of the day” and video analysis of great champions are insightful, and viewers can enjoy our fun “play of the day” features and global news updates on their favorite sports, teams, and events.  It’s great for athletes, coaches, and parents looking for an edge.