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Sportsedtv Names Gylton Da Matta to Lead Volleyball

Published: 2019-12-19
Sportsedtv Names Gylton Da Matta to Lead Volleyball
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SportsEdTV has named Dr. Gylton Da Matta as Executive Director of Volleyball. Dr. Da Matta’s coaching experience along with his Ph.D. in Sports Pedagogy/Coaching Foundations brings a highly valuable skill set to the powerhouse coaching website and will allow the company to offer its seventh sport since its launch in 2018. Gylton comes on board with extensive expertise in sports science, long-term athletes’ development in volleyball, and total volleyball knowledge for all segments of the industry. Gylton has published, revised, and produced books, international coaches’ manuals, nationally celebrated book chapters, and volleyball articles that reflect excellence and reliability.

“Volleyball is one of the world’s most popular sports,” said SportsEdTV Co-Founder and Chairman, Robert Mazzucchelli.  He added, “Hundreds of millions of people play volleyball at various levels, and we want Gylton to help us develop and deliver the best volleyball coaching resource available. Of course, like all of our content, it will be offered free to the world. This is an important sport for our business because it will appeal to a large American, European, and Asian base of athletes, parents, and coaches.”

SportsEdTV is the only coaching platform of its kind,” said Dr. Da Matta. He added, “I have written world-class reports, elite book chapters and dissertation/ books about coaching, and have coached volleyball at all levels, but to have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned over my years of coaching and studying, and to collaborate on content with great volleyball coaches from around the world, that is a great honor.  Moreover, to know that our videos will be distributed through a mass-media platform that values quality over all else, and this knowledge will be accessible worldwide, this is a dream come true!  I can’t wait to release our first series of videos.”

Dr. Da Matta is currently Club Director for USA Volleyball’s Youth Sports Academy and a coach for the United States High-Performance volleyball program in Colorado. He has served as an international lecturer and consultant to volleyball teams, groups and federations worldwide, as well as in his native country, Brazil. His academic career includes his current role as an Adjunct Professor at Colorado State University, School of Education.  He was an Assistant Professor of Sports Pedagogy at the University of Northern Colorado and an Assistant Professor of Kinesiology/Motor Learning at Georgia Southern University.  In Brazil, he earned the highest coaching credentials from FIVB, Brazilian Volleyball Federation, UFMG and, through the Olympic Solidarity, was the Master Coach for the Coaches Education program for Junior Olympic and Olympic athletes, professional coaches and elite staff of the Brazilian volleyball at the Center of Development of Volleyball in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Gylton wrote a unique dissertation about sports experts and how to develop expertise in volleyball and other team sports.

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