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SportsEdTV Appoints Andrea Jaeger to Advisory Board

Published: 2018-08-17
SportsEdTV Appoints Andrea Jaeger to Advisory Board
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Andrea Jaeger
Former global tennis champion and current philanthropist tapped by the Miami-based company

Miami, August 9, 2018 - SportsEdTV has appointed Andrea Jaeger, a former number two world-ranked professional tennis player, who is currently President and Founder of Little Star Foundation, an award-winning global children’s charity providing free services to children with cancer and children in need worldwide, to its Advisory Board. With this appointment, Jaeger joins a board whose members are uniquely qualified to advise the senior management team of Miami-based SportsEdTV, which launched its new website in July 2018.

“Andrea is a doer, mover and shaker who brings four decades of valued experience to SportsEdTV,” said Chairman and Chief Marketing Officer Robert Mazzucchelli. “She has raised over $120 million to fund the program services of her foundation, she was a record-breaking child sports prodigy, and she is an award-winning humanitarian. She has worked at the highest levels of sports, health, management and media for decades and she will bring a wealth of value to our company as an advisor.”

“SportsEdTV provides free, world-class sports video education to all global consumers with an internet connection, even those who cannot afford top-notch coaching,” said Jaeger. She added, “Athletes and coaches who do not have access to unlimited financial resources can now level the playing field with SportsEdTV’s on-demand video instruction platform. SportsEdTV’s pioneering content, research and leadership will help advance sports and improve the rate of learning for athletes, players and coaches at every level.”

In addition to Andrea’s numerous wins over Billie Jean King, Chris Evert and other notable tennis champions, her leadership role at Little Star Foundation working with global CEO’s, NGO’s and industry pioneers is equally impressive. Andrea is the recipient of the Mercedes Award for Excellence, Jackie Robinson Humanitarian Award, The Jefferson Award held in the U.S. Supreme Court Chambers, National Pathfinder Award and a member of the World Sport Humanitarian Hall of Fame.

About SportsEdTV: provides free, world-class, online video instruction in over thirty sports. Our expert coaches teach technique, strategy, tactics, strength and conditioning, nutrition, mental toughness, and the unique lifestyle complexities of being an athlete to competitors and sport participants at all levels, from beginner through professional. Everyone can improve by watching our videos. Our “tips of the day” and video analysis of great champions are insightful, and viewers can enjoy our fun “play of the day” features and global news updates on their favorite sports, teams and events. It’s great for athletes, coaches and parents looking for an edge.

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