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Miami Entrepreneurs Plan to Teach The World How to Improve at Sports

Published: 2018-08-20
Miami Entrepreneurs Plan to Teach The World How to Improve at Sports
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Miami, May 14, 2018 - A group of experienced marketing, film, media, and sports executives are launching a free, global, online video network to teach people how to play and improve at a variety of sports. The site will help athletes of all levels, as well as coaches and parents, learn and improve with the click of a mouse. SportsEdTV, launching in July, will allow anyone in the world with an internet connection to watch free world-class instructional videos via any internet-connected device.

The company’s roots date back to 2013, when former University of Miami tennis star, John Eagleton, approached New York-turned-Miami advertising and marketing veteran, Robert Mazzucchelli, about making some tennis instruction videos. The pair spent two years creating a video series using cinema-quality production and teaching methodologies that showed viewers how to play like the pros. Uncertain about the best way to distribute and monetize their video library, Techne Tennis, the name of the video series and company, was not actively promoted online.

Now the company has emerged bigger and better in the form of a new, multi-sport platform called SportsEdTV.

Why the change in name and focus? In November 2016, Mazzucchelli met Miami-based digital marketing expert, Aleksandar Sasha Jovicic, CEO of Executive Digital. Based on the global demand and appetite for online sports instruction video - as revealed by data sources - Jovicic, an entrepreneur with multiple successes in data and SEO-related businesses, helped Mazzucchelli identify and quantify a profitable business opportunity.

Jovicic showed Mazzucchelli that millions of people search daily for sports instruction videos and that most currently available videos are amateur productions. Also, the data revealed that the vast video supplier pool, mostly one-sport coaches using cell phone cameras, is severely fragmented with no leading company guiding viewers. “I was amazed by the amount of global searches for sports instruction video,” said Jovicic, “I was even more surprised that most searches yielded very poor quality video options. We will change that,” he added.

Until now, viewers have been left to themselves to sort through thousands of hours of video to separate the good from the bad, often with little experience on which to base their judgment. That problem led to the creation of SportsEdTV. Mazzucchelli, Chairman and CMO of the new company said, “We were a bit shocked that no brand had stepped up in this space. We saw the success of sites like Khan Academy in the academic world, and it just reinforced our belief that learning in all areas is going online with free video. Most people around the world just don’t want to pay for this type of content. The company’s goal is to become the market leader in free online sports instruction video across all sports within three years.”

SportsEdTV will be supported by advertising and sponsorship and will cover over thirty sports in the next five years. The website launches this summer with tennis and golf, and will add soccer and basketball next year. More sports will follow as the team analyzes demand from around the world, and produces new content in response to billions of annual search queries. Unlike many free online video networks, SportsEdTV will produce its own content, and has hired Emmy Award-winning sports producer and former professional tennis player, Harry Cicma, as the company’s Executive Producer.

After closing a second round of funding in Q4 2018, the company plans to open a sports-campus/film studio in Miami that will allow them to produce new videos daily, keeping the library current for each sport. They have been looking at sites and recruiting talent in anticipation of a 2020 opening of that facility.

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