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Former Miami Hurricanes Tennis Star Back in Miami to Create Instructional Sports Videos

Published: 2018-08-16
Former Miami Hurricanes Tennis Star Back in Miami to Create Instructional Sports Videos
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Former University of Miami tennis star John Eagelton, who had the most wins and highest win ratio over four years at UM, is back in Miami but this time to educate young tennis players.

Eagelton, who played for UM from 1974 to 1977, approached New York businessman Robert Mazzucchelli with an idea to write an instructional book in 2013, and Mazzucchelli suggested videos instead. Five years later, from that suggestion, SportsEdTV has become a reality.

SportsEdTV is a sports education business that films and produces instructional sports videos on The website launched last week with tennis and golf videos and will be in full operation by the end of this week. They plan to add videos on football, soccer, basketball, baseball and more in the future.

“I go and pick the best pros in the world and then we shoot their best tips and we put them on SportsEdTV,” Eagelton said. “We’re looking for the highest level of people — big name players, the best coaches. Some of them may be name brand ... a retired college coach, a famous player.”

The website will eventually produce content daily and release videos in every sport every week.


“We have great content, high-level production, world-class coaching, and we know how to distribute it so people can find it,” said Mazzucchelli, Chairman and CM of SportsEdTV.

What sets SportsEdTV apart from other sports education opportunities is it’s easy access and no cost, according to the co-founders.

“With SportsEdTV being free, it can reach people who don’t have the funds to get this sort of coaching or who live in a place where they don’t have access to it,” said Ellis Ferreira, one of the tennis players featured in the videos. He played professionally for 12 years — winning two Australian Open doubles titles — and he was also coached by Eagelton, and later taught at a tennis academy in Florida with him.

“There’s a ton of content on the Internet, but what didn’t exist was free content that was produced at a high level with world-class coaches,” added Mazzucchelli.

With Miami as a backdrop, SportsEdTV wants to get the community involved in the videos, through using facilities in the community, filming young players, and getting the help of Miami athletes.

“The weather is great year round, so we can film outdoors all year,” Mazzucchelli said. “Every major sport in the world is played in an hour radius of Miami ... It’s a vacation destination for top athletes in the world.”

“Miami felt like home,” Eagelton added. “To have a team of people in a great city like this and help people globally ... make a difference, that’s the goal.”