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Strength and MMA Coach to Contribute to SportsEdTV Headline

Published: 2023-06-28
Strength and MMA Coach to Contribute to SportsEdTV Headline
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SportsEdTV has added James de Lacey to its growing list of strength and conditioning coaches with an emphasis on weightlifting and mixed martial arts.

“James has been a weightlifting coach at the National level and passes on his competitive experiences via an assemblage of colleagues in the strength and conditioning world, so sharing the accumulated wisdom with our interested audiences, fits well with our educational mission,” said Robert Mazzucchelli, Co-Founder and Chairman of SportsEdTV.

He currently reviews three strength and conditioning research journals for Science for Sport's Performance Digest and has published them in HMMR Media, Tnation, Stack Magazine, and others.

“James got his first taste of the United States working in the new professional competition the Major League Rugby where his team the Austin Huns won the national championship in his first year, which speaks for itself as far as talent goes,” added Victor Bergonzoli, CEO of SportsEdTV.

His training focus on MMA is highlighted in his Sweet Science of Fighting mixed martial arts coaching.  He is also co-founder of Lift Big Eat Big, nutrition and coaching advice for weightlifters.


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