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SportsEdTV Partners With Dr. Dish Basketball For Video Instruction Series

Published: 2021-03-22
SportsEdTV Partners With Dr. Dish Basketball For Video Instruction Series
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Leading Basketball Training Device To Be Featured In Newest Video Library

Miami, March 20, 2021 - SportsEdTV has partnered with basketball shooting machine maker, Dr. Dish  Basketball, in its latest series of instructional videos. Dr. Dish Basketball products, a favorite among  many great coaches and teams, are featured in SportsEdTV latest shooting videos with instruction by  former Miami Heat player and SportsEdTV Director of Basketball, Mark Strickland, former WNBA star  Tocarra Williams, and trainer to top NBA and collegiate players, Cedric Carter. 

“Dr. Dish Basketball machines are an essential tool to get the most out of your practice sessions,” said  SportsEdTV Director of Basketball, Mark Strickland. He added, “It is especially helpful when you don’t  have a full team available or you want to isolate certain shooting moves and positions on the court to  practice. It easily allows for the repetition you need to become an elite ball player. ” 

"It's always been important for us at Dr. Dish Basketball to grow the game and promote proper  fundamentals alongside our training equipment. Partnering with SportsEdTV was a no brainer for us to  work with a first-class content company and their multiple top level and accomplished basketball trainers.  Together, we look forward to providing basketball athletes, parents, and coaches with elite instruction and  drills to improve their skill development faster,” said Nick Bartlett, Sr. Marketing Manager, Dr. Dish  Basketball.  

The latest series of basketball videos on SportsEdTV rolls out on April 1, 2021 on

About SportsEdTV: SportsEdTV exists to help athletes, coaches and parents LEARN, WIN and  CELEBRATE. We don’t expect everyone who uses our learning tools to become a world champion - that’s  not our mission. We do expect people who use our educational resources to become their own champion,  by whatever definition they view success in their chosen sport. For some, success is making the varsity team, for others it’s becoming country champion, and for others still, it may simply be gaining proficiency at a sport that offers a lifetime of fun and fitness. To us, no matter your aspirations in sport, if you are  striving to improve, you are winning! As a leading sports education media company, we provide FREE  video and blog content to anyone in the world with an internet connection. We also offer a global online  community, where athletes, parents and coaches can interact, connect, chat, share content and find new  friends. SportsEdTV videos feature coaching from world-class coaches and athletes - many of whom are  or have coached world-champions - and have been watched by viewers in every country in the world.  

About Dr. Dish: A division of Airborne Athletics, Inc., Dr. Dish Basketball is the premier provider of high  repetition basketball shooting machines and offers the most versatile and technologically advanced  training solution in the world for both gyms and home users. As leaders in innovation, the Dr. Dish  training experience allows players around the world to quickly improve their skills via real-time analytics  as well as training content from world-class professional trainers. Dr. Dish provides training equipment  for many of the top basketball programs around the world including the Philadelphia 76ers, the  University of North Carolina, Real Madrid, the NBA Global Academy, and countless other teams and  professional basketball players. For further information about Dr. Dish Basketball,  visit or follow Dr. Dish on, drdishbball,, 


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