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SportsEdTV Names Jaki Goldner To Basketball Content and Marketing Position

Published: 2020-06-12
SportsEdTV Names Jaki Goldner To Basketball Content and Marketing Position
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Miami, Mar 14, 2020 SportsEdTV has hired Jaki Goldner to be its Content Development & Marketing Manager for basketball. The experienced digital media leader and former college basketball player will manage the company’s content development and marketing efforts as part of a team that includes former Miami Heat teammates Mark Strickland and Tim Hardaway.

“Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world,” said SportsEdTV Co-Founder and Chairman, Robert Mazzucchelli. He added, “Jaki will bring her experience, insights and talent to our team so that we can deliver the most comprehensive video library - covering all basketball techniques and drills - to the online world. Working closely with our basketball Executive Director, Mark Strickland, Jaki will broaden our curriculum, appeal and global reach to basketball players and coaches everywhere.”

“SportsEdTV is unique in the online instruction world,” said Jaki Goldner. She added, “In this role, I will be able to utilize all of my media and marketing skills to grow a global business around basketball, the sport I know and love. I look forward to sharing our content with the world and showing coaches everywhere how to use SportsEdTV’s videos and global community features to make coaches and their teams more successful.”

Prior to joining SportsEdTV, Goldner was a video producer for online sports news website Bleacher Report, where she focused on their House of Highlights feature program.  Before that, she spent two years as Content Marketing Manager at the online high-school sports broadcaster, FloSports, where she increased subscriptions to their FloHoops basketball product.  She also spent four years in marketing roles at Krossover Intelligence, where she implemented programs to increase user engagement across their basketball, football, volleyball and lacrosse products.

Goldner received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Binghamton University in New York, where she played on the women’s varsity basketball team.

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