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Single Plane Golf Swing Authority Becomes SportsEdTV Senior Contributor

Published: 2022-09-13
Single Plane Golf Swing Authority Becomes SportsEdTV Senior Contributor
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SportsEdTVs commitment to provide sports education leadership continues with the appointment of Todd Graves as a senior contributor. He is recognized as the golf world’s authority on the single plane golf swing.

The swing gets a lot of ink today because Bryson De Chambeau built his swing on single plane basics, but our Todd Graves has been learning, parsing and sharing it for nearly 25 years, as the protégé of Moe Norman, the enigmatic golf savant, called the best ball striker in the game by many,” said Robert Mazzucchelli, Co-Founder and Chairman, SportsEdTV

A former player on the Canadian and Asian professional golf tours, Todd became known for his ability to replicate the swing of Moe Norman and has published the authoritative work on the subject in 2015 in The Single Plane Golf Swing, collaborating with Moe Norman biographer, Tim O’Conner.

“Our golf community will enjoy learning from Todd and then watching him take his relationship with Moe to extraordinary heights as he and Rainman Oscar winner Barry Murrow release The Feeling of Greatness a biopic of Moe Norman’s life,” added Victor Bergonzoli, SportsEdTV CEO.

“Todd Graves addition to our contributors corps rounds out our golf education circle and will be another way for our golf community to explore and enjoy the benefits of his single plane swing expertise” concluded Roberto Borgatti, SportsEdTV Director of Golf.

Grave’s curated Moe Norman archives are at

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