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Renowned Arm Fitness Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Coach named SportsEdTV Contributor

Published: 2021-08-06
Renowned Arm Fitness Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Coach named SportsEdTV Contributor
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Miami, Florida Aug 6, 2021SportsEdTV’s ranks of senior contributors have been joined by David "Arm" Barr whose trademark hyperbole and specialized attention to arm strength and conditioning have earned his works a prominent voice in the strength and conditioning realm.

“Overcoming Asperger’s adversity is David "Arm" Barr’s biggest victory and it is that sort of spirit we embrace and welcome to our contributors' community,” said Robert Mazzucchelli Founder and Chairman of SportsEdTV.

His arm-training specialty is designed to help individuals to develop their most visible, and most impactful body parts. Barr’s recently published book, Massive, Muscular Arms includes everything from CNS recovery based on his own NASA research, to 21st Century training upgrades.

“When you combine David’s  NASA connection, and unusual sense of humor you can’t help but admire how he turned a  potentially unflattering predicament into celebrity advantage,” added Victor Bergonzoli CEO SportsEdTV.

His recently published book, Massive, Muscular Arms includes elements from CNS recovery based on his own NASA research and 21st Century training upgrades.

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