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Outstanding Strength Athlete, 20th Century Superman, and Coach to Olympians Joins SportsEdTV as Senior Contributor

Published: 2021-08-23
Outstanding Strength Athlete, 20th Century Superman, and Coach to Olympians Joins SportsEdTV as Senior Contributor
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Miami, Florida Aug 20, 2021 SportsEdTV has added the expertise of Timothy Swords, an outstanding strength athlete, and weightlifting coach, to its array of coaching senior contributors.  Swords during one period earned a ranking among the top Supermen of the 20th Century.

“We are excited about adding Timothy Swords to our Senior Contributors because he’s coached 58 National Weightlifting Champions at all levels, including seven Junior World Team members, seven Pan Am Team members, and World, Pan Am Champion and Olympic medalist Sarah Robles,” said Robert Mazzucchelli Founder and Chairman SportsEdTV.

Before concentrating on lifting, Swords was a young champion shot putter and prep All-American Football player who eventually signed multiple pro contracts.  He was graduated from East Carolina University and earned a Master’s designation from West Virginia University.

“Timothy has served the sport of weightlifting, putting on clinics, serving as meet director for World Team Trials and National Junior Championships, and assisted the 2015 World Championships,” added Victor Bergonzoli, CEO SportsEdTV.

 He has been on the coaching staff for 25 USA teams, was named AAU Coach of The Year, and USA Olympic Committee Volunteer Coach of The Year three times and has coached over 1000 at-risk young athletes.

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