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National Strength and Conditioning Association Leader Named SportsEdTV Contributor

Published: 2021-12-21
National Strength and Conditioning Association Leader Named SportsEdTV Contributor
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Miami, Florida Dec 20, 2021 - SportsEdTV’s array of senior contributors has expanded with the addition of one of the National Strength and Conditioning Association leaders, Dr. Guy Hornsby, to the leading sports education online platform.  Dr. Hornsby serves as the NSCA’s chair of its Weightlifting Special Interest group.

“Guy Hornsby is West Virginia University’s Weightlifting head coach and assistant professor where he continues research focused on strength power development in anaerobic based athletes, emphasizing weightlifting,” said Robert Mazzucchelli, Founder, and Chairman of SportsEdTV.

Dr. Hornsby is an adjunct professor at the WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute and a member of their "Performance Team," a sports science group aimed at providing athlete monitoring to various WVU athletic programs and conducting applied sport research.

" Guy competed as a thrower as an undergraduate student under Coach Meg Stone and as a weightlifter graduate student under Dr. Mike Stone, at East Tennessee State University where he earned his doctorate,” added Victor Bergonzoli, CEO SportsEdTV.

His previous work between ETSU and WVU  strength and conditioning coaching at a U.S. Special Operations unit and as faculty at the College of Charleston, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Glenville State College.

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