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Kevin Conroy Appointed to SportsEdTV Board of Directors and Management Team

Published: 2021-12-23
Kevin Conroy Appointed to SportsEdTV Board of Directors and Management Team
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Miami, Florida Dec 23, 2021 SportsEdTV has appointed Kevin Conroy to its Board of Directors. Conroy will also join the company’s management team as Managing Director, strengthening the team’s already deep experience and adding bandwidth in all things digital media and commerce.

“Having a digital media rockstar like Kevin Conroy join us at a major growth inflection point is just what the doctor ordered,” said Co-Founder & Chairman, Robert Mazzucchelli. He added, “Kevin will bring his experience, his judgment, his acumen, his network, and his passion to help supercharge our growth in 2022 and beyond. This is a significant addition to our rapidly expanding team.  Kevin will surely help us attract another top talent.”

SportsEdTV is making world-class coaching more accessible than ever to millions of athletes who, without it, may never reach their full potential.  From a human impact standpoint, this is monumental because sports can change people’s lives,” said Kevin Conroy. “The business has the potential to achieve enormous audience, membership, and revenue scale.  It is the first company I have seen to lead the way in serving the 2.5 billion person global sports participation market with a digital product portfolio. There are many brands targeting sports fans, but SportsEdTV is delivering value to sports participants of all levels, as well as coaches and parents, who are passionate about sports.  Fans are not always athletes, but athletes are always fans, so by reaching the participants, they also are reaching fans. I am very excited to join this team.” Conroy added.

Conroy is the founder and CEO of Conroy Media and President of 4D Factory. He was President, Digital and New Platforms at MGM. He was Chief Strategy and Data Officer at Spanish-language broadcaster, Univision, where he developed their big data strategy, as well as strategy and execution plans for their digital platforms, products, and programming. Before Univision, Conroy was Executive Vice President for AOL’s global products and marketing group. He was Chief Operating Officer for AOL Broadband and Senior Vice President, General Manager for AOL Entertainment and AOL Music. 

Prior to AOL, Conroy was Chief Global Marketing Officer and President, New Technology for BMG Entertainment and Vice President, Marketing for CBS/Fox Video.  He began his career in advertising at Leonard Monahan.

Conroy currently sits on the Board of Directors of Mattress Firm, and has served on the Board of Directors for Debenhams, Sotheby’s, and Newell Brands. During the past three decades, Conroy was selected to AdAge’s “Marketing 100”, honored at Broadcasting & Cable’s Annual Technology Leadership Awards, recognized by Broadcasting & Cable as a Digital All-Star, has appeared on CableFAX’s Digital Hot List, and lauded as one of Digital Media Wire’s “25 Executives to Watch”.  He is a member of the CDO Club Hall of Fame and Washington Life’s Tech Hall of Fame.

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