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Major Volleyball Collaboration Between SportsEdTV and Brazilian National Team Is Announced

Published: 2021-01-11
Major Volleyball Collaboration Between SportsEdTV and Brazilian National Team Is Announced
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Miami, Jan 11, 2021 SportsEdTV and the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation have announced plans to share the Brazilian National Team’s Olympic training via a video posted on the FREE global sports instruction online platform.

“This sports media breakthrough is an especially powerful milestone, given that the Brazilian National team has won three Olympic gold medals and as many World Championships,” said SportsEdTV Founder and Chairman Robert Mazzucchelli.

"The filming, and documenting of the Brazilian team’s preparations for the Tokyo 21 Olympics is a historic event. This initiative motivates our players and our coaches. We are fortunate to have SportsEdTV involved and I am personally one hundred percent on board,” said Prof. Renan Dal Zotto the team’s head coach.

SportsEdTV’s production team, led by its volleyball channel director Gylton Da Matta Ph.D. will be hosted by the Brazilian Volleyball Federation for several weeks this spring.

The team’s assistant coach Professor Ricardo Tabach feels the documentary will have far-reaching effects on their volleyball program saying, “Doing this filming with SportsEdTV will be meaningful for the whole Brazilian volleyball world, inspiring children and our players.”

SportsEdTV CEO Victor Bergonzoli saluted the vision of the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation saying “this represents a milestone SportsEdTV expects to expand with other sports, sharing these high-level training techniques with the millions of international athletes and coaches who regularly visit our site for world-class sports instruction.

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