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Gymnastics Coaching Legend Is Latest SportsEdTV Senior Contributor

Published: 2021-02-12
Gymnastics Coaching Legend Is Latest SportsEdTV Senior Contributor
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Miami, Florida Feb 11, 2021 SportsEdTV has announced the appointment of a renowned gymnast development coach as a senior contributor to its prestigious sports instruction expert offerings.

“Prior to coming to America, Vladimir was granted the title Master of Sport of the USSR in Acrobatic Gymnastics and devoted his professional life to the theory and practice of artistic gymnastics in what was then the hotbed of the sport,” said Robert Mazzucchelli, Founder, and Chairman of SportsEdTV.

The author of numerous scholarly books and articles on artistic gymnastics, he coauthored (with Tatyana Lisitskaya) Floor Exercises for Women, which has been translated into Japanese and English and is recognized as one of the best monographs on the subject.

“Lending more credibility to the important figures now contributing to SportsEdTV, Vladimir is recognized in The Encyclopedia of Gymnastics as having made a significant contribution to the shaping of both the theory and practice of gymnastics,” added SportsEdTV CEO Victor Bergonzoli.

In 1999 Zaglada left Russia to accept the position of technical director for men’s gymnastics in Great Britain. He arrived in the United States on September 10, 2001. Since this time has he worked as a head gymnastics coach for clubs in Minnesota and Georgia, where he produced numbers of state and regional champions.

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