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Golf Fitness and Yoga Expert to Celebrities and Athletes to Share with SportsEdTV Audiences

Published: 2022-10-06
Golf Fitness and Yoga Expert to Celebrities and Athletes to Share with SportsEdTV Audiences
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SportsEdTV audiences will soon benefit from the expertise of Joey Corona, movement catalyst and yoga instructor to celebrities and athletes.

"We are captivated by Joey Corona's energy. When he says, 'some people move mountains, I move people,' it echoes the passion we look for in all the contributors we invite to SportsEdTV," said Robert Mazzucchelli, Co-Founder, and Chairman.

Corona has a Master's Degree in Physical Education/Exercise Physiology from Florida International University (where he competed on the men's golf team) and a post-grad certification in Golf Biomechanics from the Chek Institute and The Titleist Performance Institute. He has added a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in golf stroke engineering from The Golfing Machine. He has attained E-RYT status, the highest credential of the Yoga Alliance

"Over a couple of decades, Joey's worked with Mel Brooks, Anne Bancroft, Alicia Silverstone, Vanessa Williams, Boris Becker, Vince Vaughn, Isaiah Thomas, and Gabrielle Anwar. And currently, he works with Olympic gold medal boxer Cool Hand Luke Campbell and World Middleweight Champion Vitaly Kopelynko, a broad spectrum of headliners, and now for all our audiences,” added SportsEdTV CEO Victor Bergonzoli.

"There is absolutely no better human movement protocol than yoga. After 5000 years of testing yoga has proven itself and is the finest longitudinal study of health science known to man,” Joey Corona asserts.

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