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Blue Ribbon Pickleball Referee Team to Lead Ask Our Refs SportsEdTV Feature

Published: 2022-11-01
Blue Ribbon Pickleball Referee Team to Lead Ask Our Refs SportsEdTV Feature
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SportsEdTV and two of the leading referees in the fast-growing pickleball sport will lead an online pickleball rules question and answer feature on the global sports education platform.

Ask Our Refs is sure to be a popular feature, and we are excited to have Byron Freso, Head Referee of USA Pickleball’s first sanctioned professional tour—The APP Tour—to answer rules questions from the wide audiences already busy in our pickleball channel,” said Robert Mazzucchelli Co-Founder and Chairman, SportsEdTV.

Freso will be joined in the SportsEdTV effort by his wife Marsha, in her own right a standout pickleball competitor and official. She is USA Pickleball’s Western Section Officiating Leader.

“The Freso’s traveling America, as Byron’s required to be in place in the 20 or more countrywide APP Tour events, and Marsha, alongside him, will be a refreshing tandem, that I’m believing will make the Ask Our Ref feature a pickleball online hit,” added CEO Victor Bergonzoli.

The APP Tour is completing its 32-tournament 2022 international season in December in Mesa, AZ and has already scheduled 20 tournaments for the 2023 season, starting in Punta Gorda, Florida on January 11.

Several events are televised so look for the Freso Ask Our Refs in action.

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