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Swimming Biomechanics Coach to Olympians and World Record Setters Contributes to SportsEdTV

Published: 2020-11-13
Swimming Biomechanics Coach to Olympians and World Record Setters Contributes to SportsEdTV
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Miami, Nov 13, 2020 SportsEdTV has added another world-class coach to its team of senior contributors by naming Stefano Nurra to its list of respected coaches.   Nurra is a swimming biomechanics expert analyst.

“When you see the long list of world-record setters and Olympian medalists that Stefano has coached and analyzed, his value to our audience becomes immediately apparent,” said Robert Mazzucchelli, Founder and Chairman of SportsEdTV.

Nurra is a biomechanics analyst and swim coach who for more than 20 years has been a private consultant to 150 European swim teams providing swimming methodology and biomechanics analysis.

“Stefano is a prolific communicator who has shared his expertise at National and International Clinics, in multiple media environments and via a pair of books about swimming biomechanics analysis, and now our millions of athletes anywhere can benefit from the wisdom he’ll share as a SportsEdTV contributor,” the FREE online leader in sports instruction CEO Victor Bergonzoli added.

His most recent consultancies have included coordination of all high-performance centers in Turkey and to the Austrian Swimming Federation and the Cyprus Swimming Federation.

Stefano was graduated in Sports Science from The University of Torino in 1993

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