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SportsEdTV Launches Recreational Doubles Series with Jane Forman

Published: 2019-01-18
SportsEdTV Launches Recreational Doubles Series with Jane Forman
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Former WTA Top 50 player brings doubles tips every player can use to the fast-growing, free, online sports instruction video network.

Miami, January 16, 2014 - SportsEdTV has enlisted former WTA Top-50 professional Jane Forman to teach viewers of all levels how to play better doubles. The multi-video series covers the fundamentals of doubles play and basic doubles strategy. These beautifully filmed, informative videos can help beginners who are just learning the game or experienced players of all levels improve at doubles.

“Jane is a world-class tennis coach who is committed to helping recreational players, especially women, learn how to play better doubles,” said SportsEdTV Co-Founder and Director of Tennis, John Eagleton. He added, “We want to reach out to all players, no matter what their level. When we looked for a coach who is really passionate about improving the women’s recreational doubles player, Jane was the obvious choice. She is a dedicated, knowledgeable, and dynamic teacher who ignites a fire in her players. She does a remarkable job”

“SportsEdTV is breaking the mold in free instruction video online,” said Jane Forman, Founder of Jane Forman Sports, and one of the leading coaches in South Florida.

She added, “This is the platform you want to be on if you are a coach looking to reach a worldwide audience with high-quality video instruction. I have known SportsEdTV’s Chairman & CMO, Robert Mazzucchelli, since we were kids in the juniors,” she added, “and am happy to reconnect with him and participate in adding videos to the network and helping it grow. The team is fun to work with an committed to excellence.”

Forman was a four-time All-American at Clemson University and ranked among the top 50 in the world during her ten-year playing career on the WTA tour. While on tour, she competed against legends Tracy Austin, Pam Shriver, Andrea Jaeger (now an Advisory Board member of SportsEdTV), and Martina Navratilova, in a memorable match at Wimbledon. In 2002, she created Jane Forman Sports, a management company with the mission of teaching recreational athletes of all ages, gender, income level, or ability.

About SportsEdTV: provides free, world-class, online video instruction in over thirty sports. Our expert coaches teach technique, strategy, tactics, strength and conditioning, nutrition, mental toughness, and the unique lifestyle complexities of being an athlete to competitors and sport participants at all levels, from beginner through professional. Everyone can improve by watching our videos. Our “tips of the day” and video analysis of great champions are insightful, and viewers can enjoy our fun “play of the day” features and global news updates on their favorite sports, teams, and events. It’s great for athletes, coaches, and parents looking for an edge.

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