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SportsEdTV Earns Prestigious Muse Creative Award for Volkl Videos

Published: 2022-09-06
SportsEdTV Earns Prestigious Muse Creative Award for Volkl Videos
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SportsEdTV led by Jim Wallin, its director of video content production has been awarded the Platinum award for its submission of the Volkl Tennis video series What’s In You in the IAA’s 2022 Muse Creative Awards international competition.

We earned a high enough score by an international jury to qualify for Platinum, their highest tier, equaling The Ultimate Fighting Championship, Major League Baseball, EA Sports, and the National Hockey League, among others,” Wallin said

The IAA is a group of industry innovators, creators, designers, and communications professionals whose commitment is to move the industry forward through the discovery and recognition of new and existing talent.

SportsEdTV and Wallin continue to be recognized for their excellence in communicating Volkl messages. Earlier the team was awarded the Vega Digital Centauri award, another international creativity competition.

“Being recognized alongside several of the most respected global sports brands is great, and I should be quick to point out that our Volkl clients should be lauded for their vision, too,” said Robert Mazzucchelli, Co-Founder, and Chairman of SportsEdTV.

The Volkl Videos fuse originally captured action footage and product-specific scenes to highlight and underscore the advantages of playing with Volkl Tennis Racquets.

“What’s impressive is the top-to-bottom depth of our world-class creative team that daily produces cinema-quality content for our audiences and advertisers,” added Victor Bergonzoli, CEO of SportsEdTV

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