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SportsEdTV Appoints Freedom Cheteni to Advisory Board

Published: 2021-11-22
SportsEdTV Appoints Freedom Cheteni to Advisory Board
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Miami, Florida Nov 22, 2021 SportsEdTV has appointed Professor Freedom Cheteni to its Advisory Board.  Cheteni is a renowned educator, thought leader, and one of Silicon Valley's influential voices. 

He joins the experienced management team guiding the development of SportsEdTV the category-leading free online sports instruction media company.

“The appointment of Freedom brings a great educator’s perspective to our board.  His entrepreneurial talents are also tailor-made to our culture and our needs," said Robert Mazzucchelli, Founder, and Chairman of SportsEdTV.

Professor Cheteni is the Editor in Chief of the School Superintendents' Journal, chair of the United Nations Green Jobs for Rural Youth steering committee, and CEO of InventXR.  In addition to SportsEdTV, he advises governments on the future of work and proudly serves on the governing boards of the Biotech Institute, The RealMVP Charity Foundation, and NALEDI.

“Freedom coined concepts such as "Movement Thinking" and "Designership" and is one of the creators of the Moonshots in Education movement, and he shaped the founding of the first public school on a corporate campus in the United States, the world’s first VR School and Self-Driving College,” added Victor Bergonzoli, CEO SportsEdTV.

He was graduated from Colorado College and earned a master's at New Mexico State University in Molecular Biology & Public Health. Professor Cheteni teaches Design at Stanford University where he also completed graduate studies in learning engineering and design.

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