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SportsEdTV Appoints Bruce Turkel to Advisory Board

Published: 2018-09-25
SportsEdTV Appoints Bruce Turkel to Advisory Board
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Miami, September 25, 2018 - SportsEdTV has appointed Bruce Turkel, noted author, keynote speaker and founder of Turkel Brands to its Advisory Board. With this appointment, Turkel joins the experienced management team guiding the development of this Miami-based online sports instruction media company, which launched in July 2018.

“The appointment of Bruce brings a world-class marketing expert and Miami business legend to our team,” said Chairman and CMO Robert Mazzucchelli. “We want to have a significant impact on the Miami business landscape and Bruce’s experience, network and know-how will help us achieve that goal,” added Mazzucchelli. In his new role with SportsEdTV, Turkel will focus on business development, as well as building relationships with key Miami sports and leisure venues and government entities, both in Miami and Miami Beach, Turkel’s hometown.

“I’ve worked on many projects with Robert, and I look forward to again collaborating closely to help SportsEdTV grow its impact in Miami and worldwide,” said Turkel. “SportsEdTV will forever alter the sports learning process around the world and make world-class instruction available to everyone, regardless of their location or means - that’s a noble mission I wholeheartedly support.”

Turkel is a noted author, speaker and advertising guru.

Bruce Turkel

He has been featured hundreds of times on Fox Business, Fox News and CNN, providing insightful marketing commentary. His most recent book, All About Them, has prompted many business leaders to adopt the book title as their mantra. Turkel has advised hundreds of brands during his thirty-year advertising career at Turkel Brands, and currently inspires audiences worldwide as a sought-after keynote speaker.

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