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Professor, PhD, Strongman and Long Term Athletic Development Expert Joins SportsEdTV

Published: 2020-09-11
Professor, PhD, Strongman and Long Term Athletic Development Expert Joins SportsEdTV
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Miami, Sep 11, 2020 - SportsEdTV audiences, especially coaches and parents of young athletes, will benefit from professor and strongman Rick Howard’s academic and real-world applications of concepts of pediatric exercise science to improve the lives of our young people.

“That viewers of our FREE, unlimited, online, health and fitness content can experience the wisdoms of Rick Howard’s highly degreed academic knowledge and see him ‘walk his talk’ as a Masters Strongman competitor is an important addition to SportsEdTV’s contributions,” said Robert Mazzucchelli, Founder, Chairman and CMO of the fast-growing sports instruction worldwide portal.

Howard contributes peer-reviewed articles, blogs, and podcasts and presents nationally and internationally on long-term athletic development.  He is the co-founder of LTAD Playground and works to create a physically literate culture.

“Rick Howard’s demonstrated passion to show and tell his beliefs by sharing when and wherever he can with peers and parents will be fully extended with his contributions to our viewing athletes, coaches and parents,” said Victor Bergonzoli, CEO SportsEdTV.

Rick Howard earned his doctorate in Health Promotion and Wellness from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. He is an Assistant Professor in Applied Sports Science at West Chester University (PA), Kennari (Teacher) at Keilir Health Academy in Ásbrú, Iceland, and a Fellow of the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

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