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“Olympic Picasso” and World Record Setting Athlete is SportsEdTV’s Most Versatile Coach and Contributor

Published: 2021-01-05
“Olympic Picasso” and World Record Setting Athlete is SportsEdTV’s Most Versatile Coach and Contributor
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Miami, Jan 4, 2021 SportsEdTV has been joined by one of the sports world’s most versatile personalities, Roald Bradstock, a two time Olympian as an athlete and longtime Olympic cultural champion as an artist. 

“Media aptly nicknamed Roald as ‘Olympic Picasso’ but we should be quick to point out that he’s a competitor at the highest level and an innovative coach who developed a unique training concept call Boll-o-Boll to improve strength, flexibility, and coordination,” said Robert Mazzucchelli, Founder and Chairman SportsEdTV.

Roald is an Olympic athlete (’84 & ’88) and an Olympic artist (’00 &’18) and current Masters World Champion (Javelin/M55+) and holds more than 30 World Records - including the Masters' World Age Group javelin records for both over 50 (M50 - 76.16m) & over 55 (M55-66.76m).

“Roald’s inclusion in our portfolio of contributing coaches provides our audiences with access to one of the sports world’s unique personalities, further emphasizing SportsEdTV’s commitment to every aspect of sports instruction,” added Victor Bergonzoli, CEO of SportsEdTV.

He is a member of the IOC’s Olympic Culture & Heritage Commission, Chair of the World Olympians Association (WOA) Arts Committee (OLY Arts), and Executive Director of Art of the Olympians (AOTO) - an International Olympians Arts organization.

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