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Martial Arts Hall of Famer, Military Special Ops & Pro Athlete Trainer Joins SportsEdTV Contributors

Published: 2020-07-08
Martial Arts Hall of Famer, Military Special Ops & Pro Athlete Trainer Joins SportsEdTV Contributors
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Miami, Jul 7, 2020 SportsEdTV has named Ed Downs, owner of Miami’s Elite Athletes Performance to its roster of Senior Contributors.  Downs has developed and patented core training devices during his 25 years as a sports performance specialist.

“When you realize that beyond sports, the military’s special ops and special forces have engaged Ed Downs to contribute to their training, it becomes immediately clear that he, too, is a special fellow, and we’re proud to have him with us,” said SportEdTV Founder and Chairman Robert Mazzucchelli.

Downs has several years of experience conducting research in the field of human performance with the Air Force and has co-authored several technical publications including a book chapter in the 2018 Defense Innovation Handbook.

“Now via SportsEdTV Ed Downs’ performance wisdom can be shared with all levels of athletes.  Over his career his innovations have been incorporated into training programs of elite players like Dwayne Wade, Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Boozer, and others,” SportsEdTV CEO Victor Bergonzoli added.

“I want to help people improve their overall health and lifestyle—whatever that lifestyle may be. It could be playing a pro sport to a weekend warrior and SportsEdTV will help me do that all over the world,” Downs says.

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