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Influential Sports Performance Technologist and Motion Analyst Joins SportsEdTV as Contributor

Published: 2020-12-10
Influential Sports Performance Technologist and Motion Analyst Joins SportsEdTV as Contributor
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Miami, Dec 10, 2020 SportsEdTV has added Paraic McGlynn to its cadre of contributors.  An inveterate innovator, McGlynn has founded a pair of successful technology companies serving athletes around the world. 

“Paraic McGlynn is the founder of Cyclologic, a sports-performance-oriented company, assisting elite athletes with biomechanical optimization, motion analysis hardware, aero product development, athlete optimization and training, which hits the sought after technology bullseye of many coaches and athletes in our wide sports audiences,” said Robert Mazzucchelli Founder and Chairman SportsEdTV.

A native of Ireland, Paraic had been coaching and working with elite athletes in Europe since the early nineties. A former successful Cat 1 cycling racing career transitioned into coaching and sports biomechanics, sports science and sports performance analysis, he relocated to the USA in 2000.

“Paraic is a Dartfish Certified Technologist and strong advocate of video analysis technologies. He is a leader in methodology and protocols to integrating wearable technologies into sports analysis,” added Victor Bergonzoli, himself co-founder of Dartfish and now SportsEdTV’s CEO.

Paraic is also the founder of the MOTION METRIQ the organization which has proprietary and video analysis products, as well as training and consulting services

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