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Important Sports Biomechanics Scientist Joins SportsEdTV as Senior Contributor

Published: 2020-07-08
Important Sports Biomechanics Scientist Joins SportsEdTV as Senior Contributor
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Auburn, Jul 1, 2020 - SportsEdTV has welcomed Dr. Wendi Weimar co-author of the widely used textbook Kinesiology: Scientific Basis of Human Motion to its array of sports scientists supporting the health and efficiency of its user athletes.

“Dr. Weimar’s contributions to our content brings SportsEdTV to an even higher level as our user athletes come to understand how playing surfaces affect the well-being of their feet, knees and legs—a specialty area of research she has undertaken,” said Robert Mazzucchelli, Founder and Chairman, SportsEdTV.

Another area of Dr. Weimar’s focus is the interaction of the foot and shoe interface which has led to research regarding shoe tying and footwear choice.

“Who knew there was a healthier way to tie your shoes,” asked Victor Bergonzoli, CEO, SportEdTV.  “Now I do and soon all our athletes will, too,” he added.

As the Director of the Sport Biomechanics Laboratory for the past 20 years, Dr. Weimar has developed a rich research portfolio with a  focus on the influence of muscle dynamics on maximum force production and time to peak force.

“I look forward to FREELY sharing with SportEdTV’s global audience of athletes, reaching many we’d otherwise not influence,” Dr. Weimar said.

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