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Former Miami Heat & Hurricane Stars Team Up For Online Sports School

Published: 2021-11-19
Former Miami Heat & Hurricane Stars Team Up For Online Sports School
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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — A pair of Miami Heat stars and one Miami Hurricane have joined together to help the community with their new online sports school and it’s turning out to be a local South Florida success story.

“SportsEdTV is a multi-sport platform in every sport,” explained John Eagleton, University of Miami All-Time Winningest Tennis Player and former ATP Pro. “We have experts, so we can level the global playing field and provide free education in sports. We are in every country in the world.”

Tim Hardaway, five-time NBA All-Star who played for the Miami Heat, is also a part of the coaching staff dream team.

“Helping kids out so they can understand how to play a game of whatever sport they love to play,” said Hardaway.

“In soccer we have Rory Wagalee who played for Chelsea and every single day we are getting blogs from athletes,” said Eagleton.

Eagleton co-founded SportsEdTV right here in Miami in 2018. He and Hardaway both credit the City and South Florida for its rapid growth throughout the sports world.

“People in Miami want SportsEdTV to get out to these communities to help kids understand what they need to do to get the fundamentals together, that’s what Miami’s about,” said Hardaway.

Adding to the South Florida flavor is Hardaway’s fellow Miami Heat alum Mark Strickland, who serves as Director of Basketball for the site.

“We have the same ideas about giving back, making sure everyone can get world class training and it’s not expensive and for me it was more about hearing from single mothers and fathers coming in to get advice,” explained the former Miami Heat forward.
These sports stars have one thing in common, they look back at their experience on the courts in Miami as the main reason for their success.

“There’s something magical about Miami. It seems like every day is a day in paradise,” said Eagleton.

“People come here from overseas and it’s easy to get here and come in and work on their games. I love the city, I love what it’s about, it’s growing and hopefully people will learn about SportsEdTV and help it grow as well,” said Hardaway.

There’s no question these Miami stars are inspiring the sports world both on and off the courts.