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FIBA China and SportsEdTV give assist to Youth Training Program with training videos

Published: 2023-02-08
FIBA China and SportsEdTV give assist to Youth Training Program with training videos
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The FIBA China Youth Training Program now has access to nearly 100 SportsEdTV-produced and curated basketball training videos from its sports education library, thanks to an agreement between SportsEdTV and FIBA China.

SportsEdTV is a leading global sports education online portal. Its library includes video fundamentals of various basketball skills and a popular Training Series by former USA star and SportsEdTV coach Tim Hardaway, who popularized the killer crossover dribble in the NBA. 

Kelvin Fang, Managing Director of FIBA China, said: " We are excited about the enthusiasm shown by our coaches and especially by our young players, who are improving their game with SportsEdTV's education resources and video course production."

The FIBA China Youth Training Program was established in 2022 to help strengthen and grow Chinese youth basketball. In addition, the program supports the FIBA China Skills Challenge (U4-U16), the FIBA China Youth Training Digital Platform, and the FIBA China Mini-Level Coach Training programs.

"When you consider that the active basketball players in China are almost equal to the entire population of the USA, the impact of this effort is a major step for SportsEdTV, and we've only just scratched the surface," added SportsEdTV's CEO Victor Bergonzoli.

SportsEdTV videos will be available on FIBA's Chinese social media channels and also on the FIBA China Youth Training App.


About FIBA:

FIBA ( - the world governing body for basketball - is an independent association formed by 212 National Basketball Federations throughout the world. It is recognized as the sole competent authority in basketball by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

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